List of Holistic Nutrition Services

My Holistic Nutrition Services

Initial Consultation
Personal consultation and coaching which Includes a follow-up appointment with an assessment, evaluation and health report and your Personal Nutrition Program
Optional add on: Nutribody questionnaire $70

Continued Consultations
Review of your progress, answer your questions and concerns, tweak your plan and help you expand further into Nutritional Health
1 hour $80

Meal Planning
A meal plan that is personalized to your Nutritional Needs making it easy for you to stick to your Personal Nutrition Program
1 week diet plan is $80
2 week diet plan is $120
3 week diet plan is $200

Cooking for Better Health
Simple nutritionally packed recipes and, if you don’t like cooking, I’ll teach you how to pack nutrition into easy shakes, smoothies and juicing $80

Grocery Shopping for Optimal Nutrition
I’ll take you to your local grocery store and teach you what to buy and why, how to read labels and navigate the isles for a quicker, more efficient shopping experience. To busy to shop? I will supply you with a personalized shopping service.  $80/hour

Not all supplements are created equally. Navigate the shelves with me and learn what and where to buy the supplements you need. $80/hour

Toxic Cleaning Supplies Clean Out!
Getting healthy isn’t just about eating it’s about what we breath and touch. Learn about what is toxic in your home and what you can use to replace them with that are just as effective, but safe and non-toxic. I’ll also give you recipes that will clean your home effectively at a low cost using ingredients you probably already have.  $80/hour