Initial Consultation

An initial consultation is one of the most important parts of your steps to better health. Our consultation can take place via phone, skype or, if you are local, I can come to your home. We will cover your nutritional needs through a series of questions;

  • I will ask what your health concerns and goals are and what you want Holistic Nutrition to do for you
  • Anything that negatively effects your everyday life such as pain, bloating, tiredness, disease
  • Your life style – are you active, do you have children, do you work
  • How is your digestion? (bloating, gas or indigestion)
  • Your health history
  • Family history
  • Current medications
  • How do you sleep and more

You can always ask me anything about Holistic Nutrition and I will happily educate you!

Based on our discussion I will create a Personal Nutrition Program designed specifically for you and what you want for your health, focusing on the root of your health issues and imbalances. I will explain each of the components of your plan which includes:

  • A custom meal plan including foods for detoxification
  • Recipes based on your nutritional needs
  • Fitness tips based on your current abilities
  • If necessary suggest supplements such as probiotics, protein drinks or vitamins

Our follow-up appointment will help you navigate the world of optimum nutrition taking the guessing out of eating for better health and disease prevention.

Here’s to your first step to a balanced life and feeling great!  Cost $150


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